Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bugs, Blueberries and Blue

Day 1 of our week ---Our theme is bugs and the color of the week is blue. Today was a hectic day. Connor stayed over at his grandparents, so we weren't able to do school at our normal time (in the morning). We finally got to work around 3:30-4:00 - which didn't allow enough time for a formal project. This week the emphasis is on beginning sounds, the color blue, counting, and like always letter and number recognition.
Activity 1 - The first activity emphasized writing the letters u and s, and the word us. I use the website http://www.worksheetuniverse.com/ for this activity. This week I am using the worksheet Printing Practice worksheet 4. The letter u was easy, but s tripped them up. After, some practice Connor and Lauren were writing pretty accurate s's. They then wrote the word us.
They truly love writing words. I am seeing a lot of enthusiasm for learning and they are always eager to write or draw in their free time. They write notes and directions for me all of the time, or they ask me to read what they wrote - which is usually a jumble of letters! I find it really rewarding to see Connor and Lauren applying what they are learning in their free/play time.
Activity 2 - The next activity is another worksheet from http://www.worksheetuniverse.com/ (The color blue worksheet) The color of the week this week is blue, so I had Connor and Lauren color the balloon blue on the worksheet and then trace over the words, blue on the bottom of the page. I didn't have them re-write the word blue on their own, I want them to master the fine motor skill of tracing and forming the letters correctly. These are my main goals with this worksheet. Connor and Lauren really take pride in their work of tracing the word blue 3 times. Their accuracy with tracing has greatly improved since this winter.
Activity 3 - The last worksheet addresses and emphasizes counting, cutting, gluing and following directions. I made a worksheet that asks the kids to cut and paste the correct amount of blueberries on the appropriate plate. Connor and Lauren enjoy cutting and pasting - well Lauren likes to use the glue stick, Connor hates when his fingers get sticky. We have to work on that!! :)

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