Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mothers Day flowers and the color yellow!

Day 1 and 2 of our week - Our theme this week is Mother's Day - Flowers and the color of the week is yellow. We have a short week this week due to a family wedding this coming weekend. We will be gone on our regular day 3 of the week, so we are working hard to get our Mother's Day projects completed!

Day 1
Activity 1- Connor and Lauren practiced writing the letters c, a and t and the words at and cat. We used the worksheet Printing Practice - worksheet 1 from the website http://www.worksheetuniverse.com/

Activity 2- The 2nd activity used another worksheet from http://www.worksheetuniverse.com/ Connor and Lauren completed The Color Yellow worksheet. They colored the pictures and traced the word yellow.

Activity 3- I made a Flower Fun cut and paste sheet. At the bottom of the page were five blank/white flowers. At the top of the page were 5 stems. Connor and Lauren had to color two of the flowers red and three of the flowers yellow. Then they cut and pasted the flowers on the stems. This activity emphasized number and color recognition, fine-motor skills/cutting and pasting and counting.
Day 2
Activity 1- Connor and Lauren practiced writing the letter f and the word fat. We used the worksheet Printing Practice - worksheet 1 from the website http://www.worksheetuniverse.com/

Activity 2- Connor and Lauren completed the counting worksheet Penguin Count from the website http://www.worksheetuniverse.com/ This activity emphasized number recognition and one-to-one correspondence.

Activity 3 - Connor and Lauren completed a dot-to-dot of a sun. This went with our color of the week. I found the sun dot-to-dot on the website http://www.kidzone.ws/

Activity 4- I made a Yellow, Yellow Everywhere cut and paste activity. At the top of the page was a yellow container. At the bottom of the page were clip-art images - a bee, sun, barn, sunflower, apple and bananas. Connor and Lauren had to cut out the yellow objects and paste the into the container. This emphasized color recognition and cutting and pasting skills.

Project - Handprint Cards - Lauren and Addie made hand print cards for Mother's Day. Lauren made her card for her mom and Addie made cards for her grandmothers. I wrote "Guess How Much I Love You?" on the front of the card. Addie and Lauren pressed their hands in pink paint and pressed their hand's in the middle of their cards. Then at the bottom I wrote, "I Love YouThis Much! Happy Mothers Day" This is a cute personalized Mother's Day Card. Materials - kid friendly paint, card stock
Connor's Project - Stamped Flower Cards - Connor didn't want to get his hands full of paint so he stamped a flower card using our flower shape sponge. I folded pieces of yellow construction paper in 1/2. Connor used green paint to draw a stem on each of his cards -(He made 3 - one for his Godmother - Aunt Carrie and 1 each for his Great-Grandmother's). Then he dipped the flower shape sponge in pink paint and pressed it above the stem. After the cards dried I wrote "Happy Mother's Day" in the cards and Connor signed his name. These made simple, cute Mother's Day cards!! Materials needed - Construction paper, flower shape sponge, paint brush, kid friendly paint.

Cupcake Liner Flower!

Project- Cupcake Liner Flower - The kids made a cupcake liner flower. I cut a green stem out of green construction paper. The kids glued the stem onto a colored piece of construction paper (we used blue). Then they flattened one of the cupcake liners and glued it flat above the stem. Next, they semi-flattened the next liner and glued it top of the first liner. Finally, they glued a non-flattened cupcake liner on top of the 2nd liner. As a finishing touch they each drew faces on the third cupcake liner. Materials- 3 cupcake liners per project, green construction paper for the stem, glue stick and markers for the face.

Popsicle Stick Flower
Project- Popsicle Stick Flower- Our theme this week is the Flowers and Mother's Day. Our first flower project was colored Popsicle stick flowers. I found this idea in the March 2009 issue of Parents Magazine. Connor and Lauren picked out the colors they wanted their Pop-Art flowers to be. They then arranged the sticks in a layered circular pattern. I then helped them glue the sticks together. The green popsicle stick (the stem) goes in the middle of the floral design so the flowers look 3-D! Materials - 8 colored Popsicle sticks, 1 or 2 green Popsicle sticks for the stem, and glue (either craft glue or hot-glue).

Beaded Flower

Project - Beaded Flower- Our 2nd project was more of a quick creative activity created by Connor and Lauren. They wanted to make beaded flowers, so we took out our colored tri-beads and a green pipe cleaner. Connor and Lauren strung beads onto their pipe. When they had a good amount of beads on their pipe cleaner I bent the pipe cleaner into a flower shape!! Materials -colored tri-beads and green pipe cleaner.

More Popsicle Stick Flowers!

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