Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Caterpillars, balloons and Blue!

Day 2 of our week- Our theme is bugs and the color of the week is blue - the kids worked on writing letters and words, counting and letter sounds, along with making a popsicle stick caterpillar.
Activity 1 - Connor and Lauren practiced the letter b and they wrote the word bus using the worksheet Printing Practice worksheet 4 from
Activity 2 - I made a counting practice worksheet for them using blue balloons, since the color of the week is blue. This worksheet emphasized counting and one to one matching. It also emphasized recognizing the numbers 6-9.
Activity 3 - I had the kids practice beginning sounds with a picture letter recognition worksheet that I made. They really seem to enjoy practicing the letter sounds, and they love making the letter sounds!
Project - Our project today dealt with caterpillars (for our bug unit). I found the project idea out of Parents Magazine (the March 2009 issue). The magazine called the caterpillar - Love Bug. This project utilizes colored popsicle sticks. I folded a piece of green construction paper accordian style , rounded the edges and unfolded. (The magazine article says to fold into a 2-inch accordian). Connor and Lauren, glued Popsicle sticks on the back for legs (The magazine says to glue the sticks to the left of each fold). Connor and Lauren glued darker green circles (that I traced and cut out ) onto the bug's body, glued on googly eyes, and a crescent shape mouth (I drew the mouth and cut it out, using red construction paper). Finally, Connor and Lauren glued 2 green Popsicle sticks (antennae) on the back of the face of the caterpillar.
The kids loved this project and ended up using the caterpillars as puppets.

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