Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sewing Butterfly and green again!

Day 3 of our week - The theme of the week is bugs and the color of the week is green.

Activity 1- Connor and Lauren practiced writing the word did from the worksheet Printing Practice -worksheet 3. This worksheet is from the website

Activity 2- I made a turtle counting worksheet that went along with our green color of the week. The activity asked Connor and Lauren to count the turtles in each row and then circle the correct number. This activity emphasized counting, one-to-one correspondence and number recognition.

Activity 3- I made a beginning sounds worksheet. Connor and Lauren had to circle the correct beginning sound for the pictures of a turtle, balloons, and light bulb. They are really good at their beginning sounds. This activity not only helps with sounds, but also letter recognition. They know almost all of their upper and lower case letter now. Just a few give them trouble!

Project - I got the idea for our project from the website under the bug section. I cut out a butterfly shape from a manila file folder. Connor and Lauren decorated their butterfly with markers. I then punched holes around the perimeter of the butterfly with a hole puncher. Finally, they used yarn and "sewed" it through the holes. I had to help them at the start. My only suggestion is to spread the holes farther a part for younger kids, because it can be a pretty time-consuming project.

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