Monday, June 1, 2009

Ants, purple and butterflies again!

Day 1 of our week -- Our theme is still bugs and the color of the week is purple.
Activity 1 - The kids first "school" activity was writing the letter h and r. They did a great job writing the letters. I knew they would since they both have r's in their names. We used the worksheet Printing Practice -worksheet 5 from the website
Activity 2 - The 2nd activity used another worksheet from They completed The Color Purple worksheet. Connor and Lauren colored the picture and traced the word purple.
Activity 3 - The 3rd activity was a worksheet that I created called Purple Flowers. Connor and Lauren cut and pasted the flowers onto the correct vases according to the number beneath the vases. This worksheet emphasized cutting, pasting, counting, one-to-one matching and following directions.
Projects - We did 2 projects today. The kids made ants on a piece of construction paper that I folded into 4ths. The first 4th said "1 ant" The 2nd 4th said, "2 ants" The 3rd 4th said, "3 ants" and the last 4th said, "4! Ants, ants, ants galore!" Connor and Lauren used a q-tip pressed on a black stamp pad to make the bodies of the ant. Each ant had 3 ink circles for the body. I drew the antennae and legs with a Sharpie marker.

The 2nd project was a coffee filter butterfly. Connor and Lauren painted their coffee filter with water color paints. Once the paint dried, they picked out a colored pipe cleaner and I wrapped it around the middle of the coffee filter and formed antennae for the butterfly.

Again, they wanted to do more projects - they love making things and then playing with them.

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  1. i love your craft categories. The ideas for coffee filters are so cute