Monday, June 15, 2009

Flag Day- Stamped and painted American Flag!

Day 1 of our week - Our Themes this week are Oceans, Flag Day and Fathers Day!! I am continuing with our ocean theme, but we are also incorporating a Flag project for Flag Day and we will be doing a Father's Day project for Father's Day this coming weekend.
Ocean Patterns!
Activity 1 - I printed this grid template off of the website This template is for patterning. I started the patterns in each row with ocean themed stickers and Connor and Lauren finished the patterns with the correct stickers. This activity emphasizes patterns.
Ocean counting!

Activity 2 - I printed off a counting grid paper from the website Then I wrote the numbers 1-5 next to each row. Connor and Lauren read each number and placed the appropriate number of stickers in the rows. This activity emphasized number recognition and one-to-one correspondence.

Other activities - I started using the Everything for Early Learning Preschool workbook. I found this workbook at Wal-Mart. It has wonderful activities that deal with letter recognition, counting, comparing, addition, subtraction, shapes, patterns and more. Connor and Lauren have the basic skills to really understand all of the activities in this workbook. Today they did 3 activities out of the workbook. The first one dealt with shapes- circles, the 2nd one with the number 9 and counting and the 3rd one emphasized bigger and smaller, sequencing, cutting and gluing.
Stamped and painted American Flag!

Project- Stamped, Painted American Flag! Materials Needed- white construction paper, blue construction paper, red paint, white paint, small star sponge stamp and glue.
I cut a blue piece of construction paper into 1/4's. Connor and Lauren painted red stripes on the white piece of paper. Then they stamped stars using the sponge star shape onto a 1/4 piece of the blue paper. After the paint dried they glued the blue, star paper onto the top corner of the flag!
Before we started the project we talked about Flag Day and what it meant! They thought it was funny that we gave a flag a special day. Lauren said, "A flag isn't a person!"

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