Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paint, glitter, and an egg carton make cool bugs!

Day 2 of our week --- Our theme this week is bugs, and the color of the week is purple.
Activity 1 - Connor and Lauren wrote the letter k and the word king on the worksheet Printing Practice worksheet 5 from the website http://www.worksheetuniverse.com/. They had a harder time with the letter k, but they got the hang of writing it by the end.
Activity 2 - I made a counting worksheet with purple books on it. They had to count the books and circle the correct number listed below the books. This activity emphasized the higher numbers 7, 8, 9 and 10. At the bottom of the worksheet they were asked to circle the group of books that had more in it.
Activity 3 - Again, I made another beginning sound worksheet. They had to circle the beginning sound for ghost, house, and jelly.
Project - Connor and Lauren made egg carton bugs. I cut a cardboard egg carton in half and had Connor and Lauren paint their individual halves. I gave them a pallet of 4 colors. They painted the cartons and then sprinkled glitter on the wet paint. After the paint dried, they decorated their "bugs" with pipe cleaners for legs, mini pom-pom's, buttons and googly eyes. I just gave them a variety of materials to be creative with. I found this idea on the website www.prekinders.com/themes.htm under the theme of bugs. I really like this site for theme ideas. I have used it for all of my themes and it provides links to other great theme websites for preschool age kids.

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  1. Love all of your activities! They do such a creative job with them too. Maybe I will have to send Dayne your way after he turns 3! (or I may just become a copycat!)