Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dad Picture Magnet and Buoyant Foam Starfish!

Day 3 of our Week - Our themes are Fathers Day and the Ocean.

Foam Dad Magnetic Pictures!
Project - Foam DAD magnetic pictures. I wrote "DAD" in bubble letters on a template and traced it onto foam pieces. I cut "DAD" out along with the insides of the letters. Then Connor, Lauren and I chose pictures to put in the middle of the cut outs. They helped me arrange and glue the pictures. Then I hot glued 2 magnets on the back of the project. Materials needed - Craft foam, scissors, craft glue, magnets, pictures!

Foam Starfish!
Project - Buoyant Starfish. Connor and Lauren love their octopus' from the other day, so they wanted to make another ocean creature. They both chose starfish this time. You can find the template on the website I traced the template onto yellow foam. Connor and Lauren glued googly eyes onto the starfish and they drew a smile onto their starfish. Finally, I hot glued a cork to the back. Material needed- yellow craft foam, googly eyes, cork, black permanent marker, hot glue gun.

Buyoant Dolphin
Project - Buoyant Dolphin. Connor made this dolphin earlier this year. It is just like the starfish above and the octopus from the previous post. Again, you can find all of the templates and directions for this neat project on the website under Buoyant Buddies. Connor plays with them in the bathtub and they hold up really well!

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  1. Kyr, You do such a nice job with the kids and your projects are adorable! It is so great to be able to see all the fun things you do. Hugs, Mom