Monday, June 8, 2009

Coffee Filter Fish, and the color black!!

Day 1 of our week - Our theme this week is the ocean and the color of the week is black.
Activity 1- Connor and Lauren practiced writing the letters j and w. We used the worksheet Printing Practice - worksheet 6 from the website

Activity 2- The 2nd activity used another worksheet from Connor and Lauren completed The Color Black worksheet. They colored the pictures and traced the word black. They also wrote the word black all by themselves today!

Activity 3- Connor and Lauren did a cut and paste activity. They colored a banana, pear, lemon, apple, and grapes and then cut the fruit out and glued it in the correct basket. (The baskets were labeled with color words - yellow, green and purple).

Project- Our theme this week is the Ocean. I am using the websites,
and These two websites have wonderful, rhymes, projects, and math and literacy enrichment activities. I found the idea for our project off of The project title is Coffee Filter Painted fish. I had Connor and Lauren paint a coffee filter with watercolor paint. After the coffee filter was dry I made a small fish template traced it onto the coffee filter and cut out fish templates ( I ended up with 4 fish/filter - you could make just one big fish too). I also cut triangles out of tin foil. Connor and Lauren glued their fish to a piece of blue construction paper and paste the triangle tin foil pieces onto their fish. Then they glued 1 googly eye onto each fish. The end product looked like fish swimming in the ocean.

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