Friday, October 31, 2014

The Letter W and Witches

The Letter W and Witches
The Letter W
W is for witch

W is for Watermelon

w is for worm

Witch Projects
Foot Print Witch
Paint one foot green and press onto paper.  When dry add details with permanent markers.

Craft Stick Witch
Glue 7 green craft sticks together.  Cut out black hat from craft foam.  Cut out a colored strip for the hat.  Cut chenille stems in half (2 for each witch).  Draw on facial features.  
Directions:  Glue on hair, hat and eyes

Hand Print Witch
Paint one hand green and press onto white paper.  Let dry.  Draw hat, nose, mouth hair and broom.  Glue on two googly eyes.

Green Witch Homemade Play Dough
We made our own play dough and dyed it green.  I covered old Play-Doh containers with green paper, made a simple, cone shaped witches hat, glued on eyes, nose and drew a mouth!

Witch Learning Activities
Green Witch, Green Witch Emergent Reader
Skills:  coloring, beginning reading
Here is the link for this cute, printable book,  Green Witch, Green Witch  under Halloween.

Shape Witch
Skills:  Shapes, counting, following directions
I cut out the different shapes for the witch - I traced their hands .  They followed my directions to put the witch together.  Then they counted the circles, triangles, and rectangles and filled in the appropriate blanks.
Tana's Witch

Joey's Witch

Witch Patterns
Skills:  patterns
I printed off a bunch of different witch clip art.  The kiddos each made their own patterns

Witch Hat Memory Game
Skills:  same, different,  matching, memory
Here is the link to this Witch Hat Memory Game

Coloring Witches Hats
Skills:  coloring, following directions
Here is the link for this Witch Hat Coloring Activity

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