Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Letter S and Spiders

The Letter S and Spiders
The Letter S
S is for Spider

S is for Snake

S is for Stars

Spider Projects
Spider Hand Prints
Paint both hands black - do not paint the thumbs.  Press hands onto paper one hand at a time overlapping the palms.  When dry, glue on two googly eyes.

Clothespin Spiders
Cut a circle from black, craft foam.
Directions:  Paint 8 clothespins silver - or use glitter, Glue multiple googly eyes onto the circle craft foam.  When the clothespins are dry, clip them onto the circle to make the spider's 8 legs.

Spider Suckers
Take two black chenille stems and cut each stem in half, so you have 4 pieces for each sucker. Align the 4 chenille stem pieces and place a sucker in the center. Wrap 1 side of the chenille stems  all the way around the sucker's stick.  Pull tight.  Bend the ends to make feet.  Use glue to attach googly eyes.

 Spider Hats
Here is the link for this cute Spider Hat project - she gives great instructions!

The Kiddos wearing their hats

Learning Activities
Spider Letter Matching
Skills:  letter recognition, letter matching 
Here is the link for Spider Letter Matching

S is for Spider
Skills:  letter S, letter writing
Here is the link for this Spider Paper

Spider Matching
Skills:  matching
Here is the link for Spider Matching

Size Sequencing With Spiders!
Skills:  size sequencing, scissor practice
Here is the link to this Spider Size Sequencing Activity.  It is under the Tot Pack Section.  There are many more wonderful activities on this site!

Spider Web Lacing Cards
Skills:  fine motor
Here is the link for these cute Spider Web Lacing Cards

Spider Colors
Skills:  Color recognition, coloring
Here is the link to this adorable Spider Colors Book

Spider Web Scissor Practice
Skills:  Scissor practice
I created this scissor activity for the kiddos to practice their cutting skills.

Spider Number Matching
Skills:  number recognition, counting, number matching
Here is the link to this Spider Themed Number Matching activity

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