Friday, October 3, 2014

The Letter C and Fall Fun!

The Letter C and Fall Fun!
The Letter C
C is for cookie

C is for caterpillar

C is for car

C is for Corn
Paint one hand yellow and press onto white paper.  Paint both hands green and press onto white paper - somewhat overlapping the palms.  When dry cut around the hand prints and glue onto a piece of construction paper to make the hand print corn!

C is for Crayon - letter writing
Skills:  C letter writing, 
Tana practiced writing the letter C and c.  Cc is for crayon!

Fall Projects
Fall Shape Tree
Skills:  shapes, colors, counting, gluing
Cut out a tree trunk from brown construction paper.
Cut out squares, circles, triangles and rectangles from colored paper.
Glue the tree trunk to a piece of construction paper.  Glue on the different shapes (leaves).

Cork Painted Fall Tree
Cut out a brown tree trunk and glue to white paper.  Press a wine cork into red, yellow and orange paint.  Press the cork on the paper to make Fall Leaves!

Fall Learning Activities
Leaf Patterns
Skills:  Patterns, name writing
I cut out leaves from orange, yellow and red construction paper.  
Tana wrote her name on the top and then made her own leaf patterns.

Keely did her own pattern too!

Leaf Shadow Matching
Skills:  matching
I found this cute matching activity at  Here is the link

Leaf Scissor Practice
Skills:  scissor practice, name writing
I traced leaf patterns onto construction paper and had Joey and Tana cut out the leaves and glue the leaves to construction paper.  

ABC Fall Family Tree
Skills: scissor practice, writing, letters, patterns, counting, ordinal numbers, addition, most and least
Addie was home sick from school the other day, so we did a fun Fall Project for school.  
I cut out the fall leaves.  Addie wrote the letters of the alphabet on the leaves.  She only wrote the letters that people in our family start with.  Then she wrote each family members name on the corresponding leaves.  I traced Addie's forearm and hand onto brown paper and she cut it out.  Addie glued the tree and leaves onto the paper.  She wrote Addie's ABC Fall Family Tree. (We also added green construction paper for grass)

I had Addie answer questions about her project on the back of the paper.  She counted all of the names, identified the pattern of leaves, Identified ordinal numbers, identified most and least number of names, and did an addition problem

Roll and Say Fall ABC
Skills:  letter recognition
I placed the page on a lid for my cake pan.  Tana and I took turns tossing/rolling an acorn onto the page and then saying the letter the acorn landed on!
Here is the link to this fun letter recognition game

Tana rolling the acorn

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