Monday, October 20, 2014

The Letter M and Monsters and Mummies!

The Letter M and Monsters and Mummies!
The Letter M
M is for Monster

M is for Mouse

M is for Mountain

Mummy and Monster Projects
Hand Print Monster
Paint both hands and press onto a piece of construction paper, overlapping the thumbs.  When dry, glue on triangle teeth and googly eyes!

Big Green "Frankenstein" Monsters
Cut out a rounded corner, rectangle shape for the head, black hair, black mouth, 2 black bolts, two long, rectangle strips for the legs (accordion fold the legs), black boots.
Directions:  Glue the hair, mouth and bolts to the Monster's head, Glue the accordion folded legs to the back of the head and glue on the boots.  Glue on two googly eyes and draw 2 scars on the Monster's face with black marker.

Coffee Filter Monster
Cut out 3 circle eyes from craft foam - or use different sized googly eyes.  Cut out a black mouth and white, sharp teeth.
Directions:  Paint a coffee filter with watercolor paint and let dry.  When dry, glue the painted coffee filter onto construction paper.  Glue on the eyes, mouth and teeth.  Write M is for Monster at the top.

Shaving Cream Mummy
Cut out a mummy shape from black construction paper.  Mix together shaving cream and white glue.  Place the shaving cream/glue mixture into a baggie and cut off an end.
Directions:  Use the baggie as a decorating tool.  Squeeze the baggie to make white strips on the 
mummy.  Glue on googly eyes.

Cardboard Tube Mummy
Wrap a cardboard tube with white strips of gauze or bandages.  Glue on two googly eyes.

Learning Activities
Monster Memory Game
Skills:  number recognition, counting

Here is the link to the Monster Memory Game

Monster Tracing Lines
Skills:  tracing, beginning writing, fine motor

Monster Patterns
Skills:  patterns, gluing

Monster and Mummy Lacing Cards
Skills:  Lacing, fine motor 

Here is the link to these cute Lacing Cards

Monster Mm Writing
Skills:  letters, letter M, letter writing

Here is the link to these cute Monster writing and drawing pages 

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