Monday, October 13, 2014

The Letter P and Pumpkins!

The Letter P and Pumpkins!
The Letter P
P is for pumpkin

P is for pirate

P is for penguin

Pumpkin Projects
Hand Print Pumpkin
Paint one hand orange and press onto paper.  Paint 1 thumb green and press onto the top of the hand print pumpkin to make the stem.

Cut and Paste Pumpkin
Skills:  scissor practice, gluing, letter P
Print out or draw a pumpkin pattern onto white paper.  Cut out small rectangular/square pieces of orange paper and a few brown pieces.
Directions:  Cut out the pumpkin
Glue the pumpkin to a colored piece of construction paper.
Glue the cut pieces of orange paper to the pumpkin.
Glue a couple pieces of cut, brown construction paper for the stem.
Write (or trace) the letter P above the finished pumpkin.

Paper Plate Pumpkin
Cut out the center of a small paper plate.  
Cut two leaves from green felt.  Twist 1/2 of a green chenille stem.  Use the other half to make the hanger for the pumpkin.  Punch a hole in the top of the plate and in the bottom of the leaves.
Directions:  paint the paper plate orange. When dry - string the chenille stems through the punched out holes in the leaves and through the paper plate.  Twist together to make the stem and hanger for the pumpkin plate.

Lego Painted Pumpkin
Cut out pumpkin pattern from white paper.
Directions:  Press a Lego into orange paint and then onto the pumpkin.  Continue until the pumpkin is covered.  Repeat with brown paint for the stem.

Pumpkin Learning Activities
Pumpkin Name Puzzles
Skills:  name writing, name recognition,  gluing
Cut out a pumpkin from orange paper. Draw sections onto the pumpkin and write your child's name.  I wrote Keely's name, but had Joey work on tracing his name.  Cut the sections - or have your child cut the sections.  Lay out the sections in order and then mix them up!  Have your child find each letter in his name and place them in order.  Then glue the puzzle onto another piece of paper.

Pumpkin Letter Matching
Skills:  Upper and Lowercase letter Matching, letter identification
Cut out small pumpkins shapes from orange paper.  Write a matching upper and lowercase letter on each pumpkin.  Cut each pumpkin apart separating the upper and lowercase letters.  
Directions:  Glue the matching  upper and lowercase letters to a piece of paper.

Pumpkin Name Tracing
Skills:  name writing, name identification, gluing
Cut out small, orange pumpkins and write the child's name, so they can trace over each letter.  
Directions:  Trace each letter.  Glue each pumpkin onto a strip of paper to spell out your name.

Pumpkin Find the Letter Pp
Skills:  letter P, letter identification, following directions
I found this cute Pumpkin and letter P activity at  Here is the direct Link.
Directions:  Find the P p's the page.  (circle the P's, use a dot dabber, or use finger in an ink pad)

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