Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Placemat!

Addie's Placemat
Ty's Placemat

The theme this week is Thanksgiving!
Project: Thanksgiving Placemat! Ty and Addie constructed their very own construction paper Turkeys out of pre-cut pieces. They glued the pieces to white paper. Next, I painted Ty and Addie's hands with water color paint to make a turkey. I painted each of their palms and thumbs brown, and their remaining fingers different colors. Then they each pressed their hands onto the same white paper as their construction paper turkeys. I added feet and a beak. Ty and Addie gave each of their turkey's one eye with black marker. Ty and I added letter stickers to spell Gobble, gobble. We also added leaf stickers. I wrote Gobble, gobble on Addie's paper with orange marker. We glued the white paper onto colored card stock. Finally I used Contact paper to seal/laminate the placemats! Ty was sooooo excited to use his placemat!
Materials Needed: white paper, colored cardstock, glue stick, brown, red, orange, yellow construction paper, scissors, orange marker. leaf and letter stickers, water color paints, black marker, paint brush, contact paper

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