Wednesday, November 10, 2010

D is for Dragon!

The theme this week is the letter D
Project/learning Activity: Again, I am using an idea from the site Directions: Draw the letter D on green construction paper and cut it out. Cut out small green triangles from another shade of green paper, along with a green circle for the eye. Cut a strip of red tissue paper for the mouth/tongue/fire! Glue all items to the D to make the dragon. Add a googly eye to the middle of the green circle to complete the dragon! Materials Needed: light and dark green construction paper, scissors, glue stick, marker, red tissue paper, googly eye


  1. That's really cute.

    We took my 8th graders to see Robin Hood at the Children's Theater and I the whole time I thought how much Connor would LOVE it. It would be so nice if you were still in Hudson and we could go see it. :-)