Wednesday, November 3, 2010

C is for Clown!

Ty's Letter C is for Clown!
The theme this week is the letter C.
Project/Learning Activity: Ty still needs some reinforcement on the letter C, so here is another C project - a CLOWN C!!! We have been up to our ears in C's this week. I am confident he will be able to recognize the letter by the end of the week!!! Directions: I cut a large C out of construction paper. Ty glued the C to another piece of construction paper. Then he decorated the C with crazy foam shapes. He added googly eyes, a smile, and big red pom pom nose. I cut a triangle shape out of scrap paper for the clown's hat, and a shoe shape out of brown scrap paper. Ty glued the hat and shoe to his clown and added more foam and pom poms!
Materials Needed: construction paper, foam shapes, pom poms, scissors, glue stick, craft glue, googly eyes, marker

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