Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Handprint Santa!

The theme this week is Christmas!
Project: Handprint Santa! I painted Ty and Addie's individual hands white. They pressed their individual hands onto green paper. They glued a red Santa hat 2 inches above the white palm. They dipped their thumbs into white paint and pressed their thumbs on the rim of each hat (for white trim) and on the tip of the hat (for the ball). They pressed their thumbs into red paint and pressed it on the paper for Santa's nose. Next, they pressed their thumbs in pink paint and pressed them on the paper for Santa's rosy cheeks. Next, they glued on two googly eyes. When the white paint was dry, they added a mouth by pressing their pointer finger onto a black ink pad. *I saw this craft a couple of years ago in Family Fun Magazine**
Materials Needed: green paper, red paper, white, red and pink paint, googly eyes, glue


  1. LOVE these....adding them to our holiday craft list!

  2. Very cute. You could have used their feet as the Santa hat!