Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Placemats!

The theme this week is Christmas!!
Project: Christmas Placemats! Ty and Addie had so much fun making and using their Thanksgiving placemats, that Ty requested making Christmas placemats! So, I gave them a white piece of construction paper, cut-out pieces to a reindeer and a Christmas tree and they assembled the parts. I helped them with their reindeer's antlers, but they each added their own individual touches to their placemats. I also gave them Christmas stickers, so they could add a little more their placemats. When they were done, I glued the white placemats to green and red construction paper and used Con-Tact paper to seal/laminate the placemats into more durable and usable placemats!! I think they turned out really cute!!

Materials Needed: white, green and red construction paper, glue sticks, scissors, stickers, markers, and any kind of Christmas craft you want to have on the placemat, Con-Tact paper


  1. How fun! I think we may need to make one for "santa" :)

  2. Those turned out really cute!!