Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sparkling Sun Catchers!

Connor and his sun catcher!

Day 1 of the week. No Theme This Week!!
Project - Sparkling Sun Catchers. This project comes from the April 2006 issue of Family Fun Magazine. Materials Needed: 2 1/2 feet of gauge beading wire, 25-30 translucent colored beads, ruler, wire snips, spice bottle, clear fishing line. (We scaled down this project and used about 15 beads) 1. Bend and twist a hanging loop at one end of the wire. 2. Thread a bead onto the other end of the wire and push it up until it sits about 1 inch from the bottom of the hanging loop. Bend the wire in a Z shape around the bead to lock it in place, pressing the wire so that it hugs the bead tightly. 3. Thread on the rest of the beads using the same technique. We threaded our beads about an inch apart. Leave at least 1 1/2-inch tail of wire after the last bead. Wrap this end snugly around the bead twice, then snip off any excess wire. 4. Mold the sun catcher into a spring by gently wrapping it around a small spice bottle. 5. Finally, tie a length of fishing line to the loop at the top and hang the sun catcher where it can sparkle in sunlight.

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