Monday, August 23, 2010

Beaded Backpack Key Rings!

Day 1 of the week. The theme this week is Back To School!
Connor will be starting Kindergarten next week and Ty will be starting 4K, so it is only fitting that our theme this week is Back To School!!

Project: Beaded Backpack Key Rings. Connor, Ty and Addie strung colored beads onto their individual pipe cleaners. Connor and Ty also spelled out their names with letter beads. Connor added "I Rock" as a special touch to his key ring :) I spelled out Addie's name for her. Addie strung all of the beads on by herself (except for her letter beads) she finished before Ty and Connor!! Then I twisted one end of the piper cleaner around a looped key ring, and the other end I twisted shut so the beads wouldn't fall off. Then Addie wanted her bead key ring attached to Connor's lunch box and Connor put his key ring on his backpack. Materials Needed: colored beads, letter beads, pipe cleaners, key rings


  1. You're getting good at beading. Addie too! I might need to hire her when I get famous with my necklaces. Those are so cute. I laughed when I saw "I Rock"

  2. Addie is so advanced:) I can't believe she made this;) I love seeing what you are doing with the kids. You are a great mom!

  3. Ha, "I rock" he came up with that all by himself. Addie surprised me with her beading skills, she was halfway done when I noticed how well she was doing.