Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hickory Dickory Dock!

The clocks

Day 3 of the week. The theme this week is Nursery Rhymes!
Project- Hickory Dickory Dock Clock and Mouse. We recited the rhyme a bunch of times. Then the kids assembled the mice. I used gray cardboard, so I cut out the shapes. If I would have had gray construction paper the kids would have done the cutting. They glued on all of the pieces and I stapled a piece of yarn to the back for a tail. Next, I used a small paper plate for the clock. Connor wrote his own numbers on the clock and I wrote the numbers for Ty. I made hands for the clock and used a brad fastener to attach the hands to the clock. Connor and Ty glued the clock to card stock. Then they drew and colored the rest of the clock. We recited the rhyme a few more times as they acted it out with their clocks and mice! Materials Needed: gray paper, pink paper, yarn stapler, glue, googly eyes, buttons, small paper plate, markers, brad fastener, card stock, crayons
Source: I modified some of the ideas from under Nursery Rhymes and Hickory Dickory Dock


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