Monday, August 30, 2010

Masks are so much fun to make!

"Masks are so much fun to make." I heard this many times today as we were making these masks. My cousin and her 3 kids came over to play this morning. They love to do projects just like my kids. The two older kids decided we needed to make masks. I traced an old tiger mask onto colored foam and let the kids go to town with foam, buttons, feathers . . . and anything else they could find. Addie made one too, but she didn't make it into the picture with the other kids. The older kids even cut out their own masks! Materials Needed: foam, buttons, feathers, markers, scissors and party hat string, and anything else!


  1. Therese came over I'm assuming?

  2. This looks like the perfect thing to do with my boys. They are always playing pretend this would fuel their imaginations even further!