Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lobster Hand and Footprints!

Ty's Lobster Connor's Lobster
The theme this week is the color red.
Project: Lobster Hand and Footprints. I saw this cute project on the blog www.adventures-in-mommyland.blogspot.com
Directions: Paint 1 foot red and press onto white paper. Paint both hands red and press onto paper above the heel of the footprint. Paint red stripes off both sides of footprint. Let dry. Glue on googly eyes. Draw mouth, nose and antennae with black marker. Materials Needed: white paper, red paint, paint brush, googly eyes, black marker


  1. How cute! this is a good end of the summer craft!

  2. Great idea! My girls will get a kick out of this.

  3. That is too cute! Good luck with the first couple days of school! I'm thinking about you:)