Monday, April 19, 2010

One Word About Me!

One Word About Me! Mandy from tagged me in this game.

One word to describe each of the following...

Hair – blonde

Your Mother – honest

Your Father – dependable

Fav Food – cereal

Dream Last Night – Polar Bears!

Fav Drink – Gin and Tonic

Room are you in – loft

Hobby – Reading

Fear – suffocation

Where were you last night? – home

Something that you aren’t – messy

Muffins – Blueberry

Wish List Item – for our house to sell!!!

Where you grew up – Wisconsin

What you are wearing –pj's

Your Pet – None

Friends – wonderful

Something you’re not wearing – makeup

Fav Store – Target

Fav Color – green

Last time you laughed – today

Your Best Friend – entertaining

Best Place you go over and over – to bed

Person who you email regularly – hmm!

Fav Place to Eat – Accapulco

Now I will tag a few of you.
Participate if you will!

Kinsey at

Peggy at

Julia at

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