Monday, April 19, 2010

One Duck Stuck!

Day 1 of the week - The theme this week is Books! Then letters of the week are W, w, X.
Learning Activity- I read the book One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root to Connor and Lauren. We talked about the "uck" rhyming words, by coming up with words and comparing duck, stuck, buck, luck . . . . We also talked about the different animals and the onomatopoeia words that are used with each group of animals. Then Connor and Lauren chose an animal and a number and wrote their sentence. I created a sheet with a duck stuck in the muck on the bottom of the paper and lines for the number, the number word, the animal and the action word, plus the typed words - No luck, Still Stuck. (4, four moose clomp to the duck. No luck, Still Stuck). Connor and Lauren then drew their animals on the bottom of the paper next to the stuck duck - Connor drew 4 moose and Lauren drew 2 frogs. Project - Pom Pom Duck- To accompany the book One Duck Stuck the kids also made pom pom ducks. Directions: Cut feet out of orange foam, Glue yellow pom pom onto the orange foam feet, glue googly eyes onto other yellow pom pom, Glue orange tri-bead onto yellow pom pom (underneath the googly eyes), Glue head pom pom on top of the pom pom glued to the orange foam feet, glue yellow feather to the back of the pom poms. Materials Needed -2 yellow pom poms, orange foam, googly eyes, orange tri-bead, yellow feather, craft glue, scissors
Today's Learning Activities:
Numbers - subtracting writing numbers, counting
Letters - writing Uppercase W
Writing - journal writing


  1. Those are really cute! That would work for and Easter project too wouldn't it?

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