Monday, April 26, 2010

Duck On a Bike and Free Paint!

Day 1 of the week-The theme this week is Books! The letters of the week are x, Y, y.
Learning Activity- I read the book Duck on a Bike by David Shannon to Connor and Lauren. Then using the form sheet from Mailbox Magazine, (April/May 2009) Connor and Lauren drew a picture of an animal riding the bike. They wrote their animal and what the animal was doing on the page too! They are really improving with their writing. They hardly ever need help with letter formation!
Project - Free Paint- We haven't painted in a long time, so I let the kids just paint today. As you can see they each painted in their own style. Addie just painted, Connor was in his full imagination mode and he painted a "circle of doom!" and Lauren painted a house and a tree. They really enjoyed painting their item/items of choice. We really have to do this more often.

Today's Learning Activities:
Numbers - writing numbers, counting
Letters - writing lowercase x
Writing - journal writing


  1. My boys love painting and I do to. It tugs at my heart strings to see them enjoying one of my favorite activities.

  2. What a precious photo. My students LOVE painting too. If they have any trouble with reversing b and d, let me know. I have a little diagram that will help a lot.

    P.s. If you need help with the silhouettes, let me know. I would be glad to cut them for you. I am an old hand at them now.

  3. I tried to email a sample to you but it said no reply blogspot. If you send me your email, I will email the b d information to you sweet lady.