Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sponge Bob Kleenex Box!

Sponge Bob Kleenex Box

Project - Sponge Bob Kleenex Box. A couple of weeks ago, I came down the stairs with an empty Kleenex box. I was going to recycle the Kleenex box, but Connor got to it first. He grabbed it out of my hands and said, "Don't throw this away, let's make it into Sponge Bob!" So, we started the Sponge Bob Kleenex box project. First, Connor painted the whole box yellow. Then the box sat, and sat and sat for the last few weeks. We just haven't had time to finish our project until today! I don't have Lauren on Wednesday's and we don't do school on Wednesday's either, so today was a perfect day to finish our project. Of course, I had to find a picture of Sponge Bob, so I could begin the project and do it correctly! First, I cut a strip of brown and white paper for Sponge Bob's pants and shirt. Then, I drew a tie on red paper and cut it out. Connor glued the pants, shirt and tie onto the bottom 1/2 of the box. (We put the hole side down, so it would act as a puppet for Connor). Next, I drew a mouth on the box, and cut a tongue for the mouth on red paper along with 2 teeth on white paper. Connor glued the tongue and teeth onto the box. Then, I cut out two circles for eyes and Connor drew the inner circles for the eyes and glued them onto the box. I added the nose, eyebrows and cheeks with permanent black and red markers. Finally, I constructed hands and feet out of yellow pipe cleaners. I just bent and shaped them into hands and feet. I added black pipe cleaner for his shoes, and white, red and blue pipe cleaners for Sponge Bob's socks! Connor wanted every last detail!! I also drew Sponge Bob's collar and belt with black permanent marker. Materials needed - tall Kleenex box, yellow paint, paintbrush, brown, white, red construction paper, scissors, craft glue, black, red permanent markers, yellow, black, red, blue pipe cleaners.
Here's Sponge Bob!!!
Connor loves him. He set him up on our shelf in the living room and told me it was our new decoration. We even had to include Sponge Bob in our prayers at bedtime!!!


  1. Looks good! Connor is very creative!

  2. Cool! I want one.

  3. I liked it alot, good job!
    From Billy Bodenburg :)

  4. I like what you did! exelnt job! FROM Caitlyn Bodenburg

  5. We are all impressed with the project!! As you can see the kids wanted to email you a comment! It took Caitlyn a while but she did it all on her own:) Mom/grandma