Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pocket Plate Frog!

Pocket Plate Frog
Day 2 of our Week - Our theme this week is Ponds! Our letter of the week is the letter B, and the numbers of the week are 7 and 8.
Learning Activities - I have been using the workbook Everything for Early Learning Preschool workbook. (I purchased it at Wal-Mart).
Today's activities
1. The number 9 and 0-10 - number recognition, counting objects, following directions
2. The concepts biggest and smallest - Recognition and following directions
3. The letter B, b - Writing the letter B, b.
4. Shape - Rectangle - Tracing and recognizing.
I always do letter/number reviews and they always write their names.
Project - Pocket Plate Frog - I found the idea for this project on the website, http://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/mfrogpouch.html I cut a Styrofoam plate in half and stapled it to the back side of another Styrofoam plate. Then Connor painted the plates and we let them dry. I traced the eye, legs and tongue template (provided by the website) onto green, white and red construction paper. Connor glued the inner (white) eyes onto the green circles and used a black marker to draw the inner eyes. After, the plates were dried, he glued the legs, eyes and tongue onto the plates to make a frog. *I stapled the bottom legs to the back side of the plate instead of using glue. The end project has a pocket or pouch. Connor is really having fun placing his "paper treasures" into the pouch! Materials needed - 1 full Styrofoam plate, 1 Styrofoam plate cut in half, green paint, paintbrush, green, red, white construction paper, black marker, stapler, craft glue, scissors, leg, tongue, eye templates (from the website, or draw your own).
The finished frog!
Additional websites for a pond theme unit - http://www.prekinders.com/pondlifeunit.htm http://www.thevirtualvine.com/frogs.html

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