Friday, April 18, 2014


Learning Activities
Easter Bunny Name Writing
Skills:  Name writing, letter recognition
I traced and cut out Easter Bunny Heads from pink and yellow construction paper.
I drew on the facial features
Joey and Tana glued the cut-outs to a strip of construction paper.
Tana wrote her own name and Joey spelled his name while I wrote it!

Do The Bunny Hop
A CVC Word Game
Skills:  reading, cvc words
Here is the link for Do the Bunny Hop!

Easter Egg Number Match
Skills:  number recognition, counting, number order
We did this activity last year too!  This year Tana joined in on the activity.  We have been working on number recognition 1-5 with her.  I had Addie match up the rest of the numbers 6-12.
I labeled the top half of each egg with a number (1-12) and the bottom half with dots (1-12)
A Match
More matching
Then they put the completed eggs in number order 1-12

 Easter Bunny Countdown Chain
Addie wanted to make a countdown to Easter.  We decided on doing a paper chain countdown.  There are 18 more days until Easter so we needed 18 strips of paper.
Directions:  Cut out 1 inch strips of white paper
Make the strips into loops and staple them to make a countdown chain.
On the top loop, glue on ears and draw a bunny face!

Easter Chick Stamping with Wine Corks
Press a wine cork into yellow paint.
Press the paint covered cork onto white paper
Use a toothpick to draw on the wings/feathers
When dry, draw on the feet, beak and eyes!
Keely using the cork to stamp out her Easter Chicks!

Easter Egg Bunnies!
I saw this cute project in Parents Magazine.  Here is the link for this cute Easter Bunny project.
The Front of the Bunnies!
The Backsides!

Fingerprint Sheep
Cut out a head and feet from black construction paper.  
Tie a bow from ribbon
Directions:  Glue the head and feet to a 5x7 piece of construction paper.
Dip your pointer finger into white paint and press your painted finger all around the sheep's head.  Glue on googly eyes and the bow.

Hand print Carrots
Cut an orange triangle from construction paper.
Cut squares of orange tissue paper
Paint both hands green and press hands onto green paper, making three hand prints.
Directions:  Glue orange tissue squares onto the triangle.
Cut around the hand prints and glue the hand prints to make the stem for the carrot.

Footprint Bunnies
Trace both feet onto colored construction paper.
Cut out the footprints and glue them onto construction paper.  Overlap the heels.
Glue on googly eyes, button nose and chenille stem whiskers.  

Footprint Carrot and Bunny
Paint 1 foot orange and the other foot pink or blue or whatever color!
Press both feet onto white paper - make sure the orange foot is placed toes up.
When dry add the details

Fingerprint Bunnies
Cut a circle from white paper
Tie a bow with yarn or ribbon
Directions:  Glue the circle onto construction paper.
Glue on googly eyes, a button nose and the ribbon.
Cover a fingertip with white paint and press it onto the paper to make two bunny ears.
Draw on whiskers and a mouth

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