Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Earth Day

Earth Day
Earth Man!
Cut a blue circle out of construction paper
Cut out green shapes 
Cut out a red heart
Cut 4 green strips and accordion fold each strip
Directions:  Glue the green shapes and heart onto the blue circle
Glue on googly eyes and draw a smile
Glue on the arms and legs

Hand Print Earth
Cut out a blue circle
Paint a hand green and press onto the circle, paint on other green shapes to make the earth!

Painted Earth
Cut a circle out of white paper
Paint the circle - earth- blue and green

Earth Day!
Create a document just like below.
Cut squares of green and blue tissue paper
Glue the tissue paper squares onto the blank circle to make earth

Earth Day Tracing
I created a Word Document for my almost 3 year old nephew to work on his tracing skills.  We also did a little counting and name writing!

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