Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Fun

St. Patrick's Day
Learning Activities
Pot of Gold Addition
Skills:  Addition, counting
Cut out Pot of gold shapes from black and yellow construction paper
Roll dice to make addition sentences.  Add the numbers together and glue the correct sum (gold pieces) in to the pot

Addie doing the Pot of Gold Addition!

Pot of Gold Numbers
Skills:  number recognition, counting
Just like above glue the pots of gold onto paper along with 3 different numbers.
Count out the corresponding number of pieces of gold and the pieces of gold onto the pot!

Tana gluing her pieces of gold onto the number 2  pot!

This is a  . . . .  flip book
Skills:  coloring, reading
Here is the link for this St. Patrick's Day Flip Book

Shamrock Scissor Practice
Skills:  Cutting, coloring, gluing

One Little Leprechaun
Skills:  Math - counting, number recognition
Here is the link to this Leprechaun counting  printable
This also includes a cute song!

Here is the link to all of these St. Patrick's Day Math and Literacy activities found below!
                                                      Pots of Gold Rhyming                                                    
Skills:  rhyming, short vowel sounds

 Leprechaun Sentence  Scramble  
Skills:high frequency words, writing, basic sentence structure

          Adding Shamrocks
                                                          Skills: writing numbers adding

Lucky Gold - Tens and Ones
Skills:  counting with tens, writing numbers

Lucky Shamrock Words!
Skills:  reading high frequency words, following directions

Here is the link for these fun reading Leprechaun themed games found below!
Pots of Gold Beginning Sounds
 Skills:  beginning sounds, letter writing

Pot of Gold Ending Sounds
Skills:  ending sounds

Pot of Gold Words
Skills:  making cvc words
Cut out pots of gold.  
Print off gold coins
Write word endings on the coins and paste them onto the pots of gold
Directions:  Make words that have the same word endings as on the pot of gold!

All About St. Patrick's Day Book
Here is link for this kid friendly, printable, informational book about St. Patrick's Day!  I read this simple 5 page books to the kiddos, so they had a better understanding of what St. Patrick's Day is all about.

Leprechaun Rainbow Hat
Trace a Leprechaun Hat onto green paper
Cut out a black strip from black construction paper and a yellow buckle from gold paper.  
Cut out strips of blue, green, yellow, orange and red paper
Directions:  Cut out the hat.
Glue on the black strip and yellow buckle.
Flip the hat over and glue on the rainbow strips.  (We glued our strips on the wrong way - as you can see, so make sure when you flip the hat over to start gluing on the right side of the hat!)

Paper Plate Leprechaun
Color a paper plate with a skin tone crayon
Cut a hat from green paper along with a black strip and a yellow buckle
Cut squares of orange tissue paper
Glue the orange squares of tissue paper around the edge of the paper plate
Glue on the hat and accessories to the hat
Draw a face on the leprechaun
Add more tissue paper squares for the beard and hair

Clothespin Pot of Gold
Cut a black pot of gold from craft foam
Cut gold coins from yellow craft foam
Directions:  Paint the clothes pins - red, orange, yellow, green and blue
Let the clothespins dry
Glue the gold coins onto the pot of gold
Stick craft foam letters onto the pot to spell each name.
Clip on the painted clothespins

Muffin Paper Shamrock
These were so easy to make.  Here are the directions!
We used watercolor paint instead food coloring!

Shamrock Paper Plate Hats
Draw a shamrock onto a paper plate
Color or paint both sides of the paper plate
Cut out the middle of the plate and around the shamrock

Rainbow Chain Pot of Gold!
Here is the link where I found this cute Rainbow Chain project 
Cut out a pot of gold from black paper
Cut out 7 gold coins for each pot of gold
Glue the coins to the top of the pot
Cut a black strip of paper and tape it in a loop to the back of the pot
Cut strips from - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple paper 
Loop the purple strip through the black handle of the pot of gold and staple
Continue with the blue strip, then green . . .  until finished

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