Sunday, February 23, 2014


Superhero Learning Activities
Superhero Letter Matching
Skills:  upper and lowercase letter recognition, matching
I found this great letter matching activity from here is the link to this Superhero Upper and Lowercase Letter Match activity.

Superhero Word Making  
Skills:  letter sounds, cvc words
 I challenged Addie to make words with these cards (she already knows all of her upper and lowercase letters).  I set out about 10 different cards and gave her words to make.  She did an awesome job making the cvc words.
                                                   Bat                                                      Sat
Bet                                                  Ten 

Monkey Superhero Activities
Here is the link to all of these great Superhero learning Activities 
Superhero Cutting
Skills: scissor practice, pasting, matching

Superhero Counting
Skills:  counting, number recognition

Superhero Matching
Skills:  matching, name writing, 

Superhero Number and Letter Writing
Skills:  number writing, letter writing

Superhero Projects
Superhero Stick Puppets
I found these cute Superhero templates.  Here is the link.  I laminated the superheroes, cut them out and glued and taped each one to a large craft stick.

Superhero Masks
I found these templates for Superhero masks.  I let the kids each decorate their own mask!  Here is the link.

Superhero Footprints
OK - this project didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped for, but I guess it will do!  Oh well, I hope you get the idea!

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