Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Fun!

Fall Fun
Stamped Cork Fall Tree
Cut a tree trunk from brown paper
Prepare red, yellow and orange paint and 3 wine corks
Glue the tree trunk to a piece of white paper.
Press the corks into the paint and press onto the paper to make leaves!

Ripped Paper Fall Tree
Cut a tree trunk from brown construction paper
Type and print:  In the Fall, the leaves fall off the tree!
Rip small pieces of red orange and yellow construction paper
Glue the tree trunk to a 5x7 piece of blue construction paper
Glue the "leaves" to the tree
Glue the poem to the bottom of the tree
Fall Leaf Man
Cut out a leaf shape
Cut out strips of black paper for the arms and legs- accordion fold the strips of paper
Type and print:  If I were a leaf, I would . . .
Glue googly eyes to the leaf
Draw a mouth and nose on the leaf man
Finish the sentence
Staple the arms and legs on the leaf man
Staple the finished sentence to the leaf man

Learning Activities 
Pumpkin Seed Counting Story
Skills:  MathCounting, one-to-one matching, number recognition
Here is the link to this printable book
We used a light pink stamp pad to make the pumpkin seeds on each page

 Leaf Counting Book
Skills:  number writing, counting,  number recognition, name writing
Trace and cut out out a leaf shape to make this book
Write the numbers 1-5 on the top of the leaves
Stick the appropriate number of  fall sticker/s on each page
Write your name and  1-5 on the cover
Acorn Shape Match
Skills:  shape recognition, matching, pasting
Cut acorn shapes from brown and tan construction paper - brown for the top and tan for the bottom.  Draw matching shapes on the top and bottom of each acorn
Match the shapes and glue the acorns to the paper

Acorn Number Match
Skills:  number writing, one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, counting,
This is a variation of the acorn shape match
Roll two die and add them together
Write the sum on the top part of the acorn
Draw the same number of dots on the bottom of the acorn
Glue the acorn halves to a piece of paper
Fall Tree Words
Skills:  sight word reading, gluing
Trace hand on a blue piece of paper - color with brown marker
Cut out different colored leaves (I did 6 leaves)
Write sight words on the leaves
Read each leaf and then glue it to the tree


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