Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Fun!

Halloween Fun!
Handprint Spider
Paint child's hand black
Press onto 5x7 piece of orange construction paper
Let dry - add googly eyes and spider webs!
Book Connection:
Spooky Bunny Tales - The Blue Tarantula
Max & Ruby Three Stories in One
Witches Broomsticks
Press a pretzel stick into the middle/bottom part of a Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
Book Connection:
It's Halloween Night
By: Jennifer O'Connell
Mosaic Candy Corn
Draw a candy corn shape on black construction paper with white chalk
Separate the candy corn into 3 sections
Cut white, orange and yellow paper into squares
Glue the colored squares onto the paper
Square Monsters!
Cut a green square  and 2 rectangles -for the legs from green construction paper
Cut two squares, a skinny rectangle and a zigzag for the bolts, hair and nose piece
Cut two rectangles for the feet
Glue the feet to the square
Glue the other pieces to the Monster!
Draw on two scars and two eyes
Book Connection:
Inside a House That is Haunted
By:  Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Coffee Filter Pumpkin
Paint a coffee filter with orange water color paint.
Let dry - Glue a green stem to the top!

Handprint Jack-O-Lanterns
Trace hand on orange construction paper
Cut it out and draw a face on the hand print
Glue on a green stem

Candy Corn Footprint
Paint the bottom of one foot white, orange and yellow.
Press the foot onto a piece of construction paper

Learning Activities
Candy Corn Number Match
Skills: number recognition, counting, number words,
Cut out pieces to candy corn - white, orange and yellow
Write the numeral on the white piece, corresponding dot/dots on the orange piece and the number word on the yellow piece
 Match the three pieces of the candy corn and glue them on the black construction paper
Halloween Shape Sort
Skills:  Shapes, gluing, name writing
Create a document with 3 circles and 3 triangles
On the side of the document copy 3  jack-o-lanterns and 3 candy corn
Cut out the jack-o-lanterns and candy corn
Glue the pieces into the correct shape

Halloween Counting Book
Skills:  number writing, counting, reading, name writing, coloring
Here is the link for this cute Halloween Counting Book
At the Pumpkin Patch Beginning Sounds Sort
Skills:  beginning sounds. cutting, pasting, letter recognition
Here is the link to this great beginning sounds activity.


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  1. You were really busy with the kids. I love all the crafts!