Monday, September 30, 2013

Apple Fun!

Apple Fun
Projects/Learning Activities
Apple Mobile
Skills:  pasting, following directions, color recognition
I had a template for this -from who know where!
I traced and cut out two of each piece.  Tana and Addie cut out some of the pieces too.
We taped a piece of yarn down the middle of each piece and then glued the matching pieces on top to create the apple mobile!
 Book Connection
Apple Trouble
By: Ragnhild Scamell and Mechael Terry
Craft Stick Apple
Skills:  Gluing,  writing name, counting
Glue 6 red, craft sticks to a piece of tagboard (just enough to keep the craft sticks secure)
Cut a stem from green, craft foam and glue onto the craft sticks
Write child's name on the bottom
a is for Apple!
 lowercase a, letter writing, writing, color recognition, cutting, pasting, counting, following directions
Draw a lowercase a onto red, construction paper
Draw a leaf and stem shape onto green and brown construction paper
Cut out 5 seeds from black construction paper
Cut the letter a out
Cut out the stem and leaf
Glue the a and stem and leaf to a piece of white construction paper
Glue the 5 seeds in the "belly" of the a
Write - a is for . . . .
Paper Plate Apple Core!
Skills:  painting, counting, following directions, color recognition
Cut a paper plate to look like an apple core
Cut out brown stems and green leaves
Pain the top and the bottom of the plate red
Press fingertips into a black ink pad to make the seeds
When dry, staple the stem and leaf to the top of the apple core
Book Connection
The Fall Festival
By Mercer May

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