Monday, September 16, 2013

Back To School

Back To School
Craft Stick Pencil
Paint one tip of a large craft stick pink
Paint the middle yellow
Let dry
Draw the lead with black permanent marker
Use a fine tip permanent marker to write each child's name
Name Pencil
Paint 4 small craft sticks yellow
Let dry and glue together
Cut a triangle out of tan craft foam
Glue the triangle to the painted craft sticks
Color in a black tip with black permanent marker
Add foam letters to spell out each child's name

Name Crayons
Cut a crayon shape out of colored construction paper.
Use black marker to decorate the crayon.
Draw an oval in the middle of the crayon and write or have the child write his/her name.
Learning Activities
Shape Buses
shape recognition, name Identification and writing, color recognition, gluing, cutting, following directions, counting
Cut out a yellow bus shape, 3 black squares, 1 long, black rectangle and 2 black circles. (Older children can cut out the bus and shapes by themselves)
On a 5x7 piece of colored construction  paper give the following directions:
Glue the bus on the paper.
Find the 3  squares and glue each square to the top of the bus.
Find the  rectangle and glue it underneath the squares.
Find the 2 circles and glue them to the bus for wheels.
Write your name on the bus.  (For older children)
Other questions:
What color is the bus?
Find the 2 circles:
Find the squares?
Find the rectangle?
Count the squares, the circles?
What color are the squares, rectangle and circles?

My Name Is : Buses
Name recognition, name writing, gluing, following directions, pasting, shape recognition
Create a page that says:  My Name Is: 
Leave a blank spot on the top of the paper for he bus
Cut out a small yellow square, a yellow rectangle - for the bus
3 black squares
Glue the yellow rectangle onto the paper
Glue the yellow square in front of the rectangle
Glue the 3 black squares on the top of the bus - for windows
Dip a lid into black paint - we used a glue stick cover - press it on the bottom of the bus 2 times for the wheels. 
Dip your finger into the black paint and press it in the middle of each wheel.
Draw a line under the windows with black marker.
Write your name on the line.  (For younger children you will write the name)

Paper Backpacks
Writing, name recognition
Cut a backpack shape out of construction paper
Cut an oval out of construction paper
Cut 2 strips for the straps and 1 curved handle
Glue all pieces onto the back pack
EARLY PRESCHOOL:  Name recognition and making your name
Use foam letters to spell out  child's first name

PRESCHOOL - Type and print a form that says:  My favorite thing about school is

I am on the bus!
writing, drawing people, gluing, following directions, reading
Create a document that says:
__________ is on the bus (3x's)
I am on the bus!
Cut a bus shape out of yellow construction paper
Cut out 3 white squares - for the windows and 2 black circles - for the wheels
Have your child:
Glue the paper onto a piece of colored construction paper.
Brainstorm people who ride the bus.
Write names on the lines.
Read about who is on the bus
Glue the bus above their writing.
Glue the 3 white squares for the windows.
Glue the wheels on the bus.
Draw the people they named in their writing.
Draw a bus driver or themselves.
Write School on the bus
The Wheels on the Bus



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