Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh, Mr. Sun!!

Mr. Sun Crafts and Learning Unit!
Mr. Sun Crafts
Mr. Sun - Sun Catchers!
Cut 2 identical circles from yellow construction paper.
Cut a circle from the middle of each circle - so you have  openings in the middle (you want the circles to be identical).
Place the circle on Clear Contact Paper
Stick pieces of yellow and orange tissue paper in the middle of the circle.
Cut strips from yellow tissue paper for the rays of the sun.
Place the strips around the tissue paper filled circle.
Place the other circle on top and seal the sun with  Contact paper. 
Cut around the edges to finish the sun.
Hang in a window!
Paper Sunshine
Cut a circle out of yellow construction paper.
Glue on yellow craft sticks or yellow pipe cleaners for the sun's rays.
Draw a face on your sun.
Sunshine Rainbow!
Cut a yellow paper plate in half. 
Cut triangles from yellow construction paper.
Cut strips of paper from - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple construction paper.
Glue the yellow triangles to the back of the curved part of the paper plate.
Glue the strips of colored paper to the back of the straight part of the paper plate.
Curl the ends of the paper with a pencil.
 Glue on googly eyes and draw a face.
Mr. Sun Learning Activities
Mr. Sun 1- 12 Number game
Math - number recognition, counting

Draw a sun onto white paper and write the numbers 1-12 in various places on the sun.
Roll a dice or draw a number card.
Circle and color the number rolled or chosen (if using cards)
Play until all of the numbers are colored in!
How Do Your Flowers Grow - Number Activity
Math - Number writing, counting
Glue 3 construction paper sun's on the top of construction paper.
Cut out multiple flowers from different colored construction paper.
Roll a dice (or choose a number card) 
Write the number rolled, (or chosen) on one of the sun's
Count out the matching number of flowers and glue underneath the sunshine.
Continue with the next two sun's! 
Mr. Sun Name Writing!
Letter and  name writing

Cut a circle from yellow construction paper.
Cut triangle from yellow construction paper (the sun's rays)
Glue the circle to a piece of blue construction paper.
Write one letter (from your name) onto the triangles
Glue the triangles (ray's) around the sun in the order of your name.
Music and Rhymes

We sang this song all week.  The kids loved dancing and singing to it.

Oh, Mr. Sun!
Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun,
Please shine down on me.

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun,
Hiding behind a tree

These little children are asking you
To please come out so we can play with you.

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun,
Please shine down on,
please shine down on,
Please shine down on me.

Here is a link to a You Tube video of the song  Oh, Mr. Sun

We also did this cute fingerplay.  Here is the link to Sunshine Fingerplay

Sunshine Fingerplay - by Terry H.
The sun makes the outside a warm place to play
(arms above head in circle)
It makes the flowers grow each day
(holding up hands wiggling fingers)
The sun hides its face during the night
(cover face with hands)
But during the daytime it shines - oh so bright
(arms above head in circle)

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  1. Oh the Mr.Sun, song...isn't that from Barney?:) YOU use to sing that!!!