Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Projects and Activities!!

Earth Day Projects
Earth Day Crafts
Earth Crayon Molds

We peeled the wrappers off all of our broken blue, green and white crayons and broke each crayon into small pieces.  Each child took turns filling their mini-muffin hole with the broken crayons.  I placed the muffin tin into a 250 degree oven until the crayons were melted.  We let them cool and then I popped  each Crayon Earth out of the muffin tin! 

The end result
Watercolor Earth Hand Prints!
I painted the girl's hands with blue and green watercolor paints.
They pressed each of their hands onto white paper. 
We let them dry and then I labeled the paper with each girl's name and the year.
I also wrote, "Our hand prints are all over the world!"
Hand and Foot Print Earth
Paint 1 hand and 1 foot with green paint
Press the painted hand and foot onto blue paper
Let dry
Cut a circle shape around the hand and foot print
Label with name and year
Coffee Filter Earth
Paint a coffee filter with blue and green watercolor paints

Earth Window Cling/Suncatcher
Cut a circle shape from green construction paper (you will need 2 circles for each project)
Cut a circle from the middle of each circle so you have a large circle opening
Rip pieces of green and blue tissue paper
Stick one of the circles onto Con Tact Paper
Press the green and blue pieces of tissue paper into the middle of the green circle
When  covered, place the other circle on top and seal with Con Tact paper
Torn Paper Earth
Cut a circle from white paper
Tear pieces of green and blue construction paper
Glue the pieces onto the white circle
Glue the finished earth onto black paper

**I did this same project in 2010 with my son and friend.
Here are their Mosaic Earth Projects from 2010!!**

Earth Day Learning Activities
I Heart the Earth
Cut a heart shape from white paper
Paint the heart with blue and green watercolor paints
Let dry
I made a writing template that says, "I heart the earth by "
Discuss ways that we care for and love our earth
Have your child write how they "Heart" earth
Glue the painted heart and writing template onto a piece of construction paper.
Here is the link to the activity that inspired my writing/painting activity!



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