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Easter Learning Unit - Week 2

Easter Learning Unit - Week 2
Learning Activities
Easter Countdown
Counting, number recognition

Addie was driving me crazy asking me multiple times a day how many more days until Easter.  I decided to make a Easter Countdown for her.  I traced bunnies on pieces of construction paper.  Next, I counted how many days there was until Easter and wrote them on the bunnies - ending with 1.  Next, I traced more bunnies onto white card stock and cut them out.  Addie and I decorated each bunny.  She glues a bunny on the chart each day.  She then tells me how many days are left!  It has been great for learning her teen numbers!!
Counting and Number Egg Match
Number recognition, counting,
I wrote the number 1-12 on plastic Easter eggs.  I drew dots from 1-12 of the bottom halves of the plastic Easter eggs.  I made sure the two halves colors didn't match.  I spread the halves on the floor and Addie matched the number with the corresponding dots!
Addie counting the dots and matching the egg!
Upper and Lowercase Broken Easter Egg Match
Letter recognition, writing upper and lowercase letters
I cut 26 Easter eggs out of construction paper.  I "broke" the eggs in half by cutting each one with a  jagged line.  Addie wrote the letters A-Z in uppercase letters on the top half of the eggs and again in lowercase letters on the bottom half of the eggs.  Next, I mixed the letter A-O up and placed the letter eggs on the table.  Addie found the letter pairs and "fixed" the broken eggs by gluing each pair back together in ABC order.  She finished A-O in one sitting.  She will do P-Z tomorrow!
                                 Gluing a pair together             Tracking the egg order by saying her ABC's
Gluing another egg pair together
Easter Egg Scissors Practice
Cutting with scissors

I drew a large Easter egg onto white paper.  I drew a jagged line in the middle.  Addie cut the egg out first and then "broke" the egg by cutting on the jagged line.

Easter Crafts
Paper Cup Easter Chicks
Glue googly eyes onto a yellow, paper cup
Cut a beak from orange craft foam and glue it onto the cup
Glue white or yellow feathers onto the back, inside of the cup
Cut orange pipe cleaners into 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch pieces.  You will need 4 pipe cleaner pieces for each chick.  Twist one piece around another pipe cleaner and bend and shape to make each foot.  Glue into place on the bottom of the cup
Paper Plate Chick
Glue googly eyes onto a yellow paper plate.
Cut an orange triangle out of construction paper for the beak. 
Glue feathers to the back sides of the plate.
Cut 2 legs from orange construction paper and fold the legs accordion style.
Cut feet from orange construction paper and glue to the bottom of the legs.
Glue the legs to back bottom of the plate 

Easter Bunny Windsock
Cut a sheet of white card stock in half. ( I used standard letter paper size)
Cut 2 ears from white paper
Cut the inside of the ears from pink paper and glue to the white ears.
Cut chenille stems into 4" pieces - you will need 4 pieces.
Cut pink strips of paper - or use pink streamers
Before stapling or taping the cylinder together, glue the ears and streamers to the backside of the white paper. 
 Roll white card stock into a cylinder and staple or tape together.
Glue pink button on for the nose.
Glue on the chenille stems for the whiskers. 
Draw eyes and mouth.
Glue pink pom pom on the backside for the tail. 
Attach ribbon or string for hanging.
Handprint Easter Chick
 Paint child's hand yellow and press onto white paper.
When dry, draw eyes, beak and feet. 


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