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Easter Learning Unit - Week 1

Easter Learning Unit - Week 1
 Easter Crafts
Cardboard Tube Easter Bunnies
Paint a cardboard tube pink - let dry
Cut ears from white card stock, and the inner part of the ears from pink construction paper
Fold the ears at the bottom and glue the ears to the top of the cardboard tube
Glue on googly eyes, cotton ball nose, 4 black pipe cleaners and 2 front teeth (cut from craft foam)

Footprint Easter Bunnies
Paint feet white and press onto pink construction paper - let dry
Cut around the feet in ear shapes
Cut out a circle shape for the head
Press thumb into ink pad and press onto the head for the bunny's nose
Draw on eyes, mouth and whiskers

Hand Print Easter Chicks

Cut an oval shape out of yellow construction paper.
Cut out feet and beak from orange construction paper. 
Trace hands on yellow construction paper and cut out.
Glue hands to the oval body of the chick.
Glue on feet, beak and googly eyes.
Glue a feather on each wing for a finishing touch!
Hand Print Easter Bunny
Paint palm and 4 fingers white - do not paint the thumb.
Press the hand onto colored paper and let dry.
Once dry, paint pointer finger pink and press onto the middle of the ears.
Use the tip of the pointer finger to make the pink nose.
Glue on googly eyes and draw whiskers and mouth with a black marker.
Is It An Egg?  Or Is It a Bunny? 
Cut 2 identical oval shapes out of printed paper and white paper.  Cut the printed oval in half to make the ears for the bunny.  Draw a face on the white oval.  Use brad fasteners to attach the ears to the top of the white oval.
Tana and Addie with their eggs/bunnies
Easter Learning Activities
Egg Name Writing
Letters, name writing, color recognition, gluing and counting

I cut out enough paper "Easter Eggs" from different colored construction paper for each child's name.  I decorated each egg leaving a space in the middle for letter writing.  Each child wrote their name - assigning each letter to a different egg.  Next, they glued the eggs, in order, onto a half sheet of construction paper.  For additional practice and review Tana and Chase identified the color of each egg in their name and counted the eggs and the chick stickers around their eggs. 
Egg Shape Match 
Math - Shape identification
Matching and color identification
** I did a similar activity with Addie.  We focused on number recognition and one-to-one correspondence in counting.  I will post Addie's Egg Number Match next week.**
First, I separated each egg.  Next, I drew a  shape onto the top half of one egg.  Then, the matching shape onto the bottom half of another egg.  I made sure to not match my eggs by color, since I wanted to focus on shape identification and matching as the primary learning activity.  I continued this with all of my eggs.  I did circle, square, rectangle, triangle, star and heart - since this a new activity for my 2 year old children.

Tana matching her eggs
For the activity, I separated all of the matching eggs and spread the halves out on the floor in front of each child.  Then they worked on matching the correct shapes on the eggs together, while identifying the shapes.  Once all of the eggs were back together, we reviewed our colors by looking at each egg!

Easter Egg and Bunny Color Match
Color identification
Chase and his matching project
I cut out bunnies and colored their tummies, ears and paws matching colors.  Next, I cut out paper Easter eggs to match the bunnies.  I drew 3 lines on a piece of construction paper.  Then, I had the 2 year old children match the bunnies and eggs by gluing the bunnies on the piece of construction paper. 
Tana matching her purple bunny and purple Easter egg
Easter Bunny Upper and Lowercase Letter Match
Letter identification
This activity is similar to the one above, but I am focusing on letter identification with Addie.  I only cut out Easter Bunnies for her activity.  I wrote matching upper and lowercase letters on her bunnies.  She had to match the letters and glue each letter on the construction paper.
Broken Egg Shape Matching
Shape identification and matching
The color orange and purple
**Next week I will post a Broken Egg Letter Match activity. **
I cut out 5 egg shapes from purple and orange construction paper.  I then "cracked" each egg by cutting the eggs in half.  Next, I drew matching shapes on the top and bottom half of each egg.  Then I placed the "broken" eggs in front of Tana.  She sorted through the eggs, matching the shapes one at a time.  Each time she fixed a "broken" egg, she glued the egg halves onto a piece of construction paper.  I made sure she identified each shape.  We also reviewed the colors purple and orange!!!
Tana fixing the "broken" eggs


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