Friday, October 22, 2010

Jack-O-Lantern Rock!

Addie's Rock

Ty's Rock
The theme this week is Halloween!
Project: Jack-O-Lantern Rocks! This project was inspired by a rock painting project that my dear friend Nichole featured on her blog She is an amazing mom, friend, teacher and artist!! Thanks for the inspiration Nichole!! Ty and Addie loved painting their rocks and then peeling off the tape to reveal their very own jack-0-lantern rock.

Directions: Cut jack-o-lantern features from painters tape and fasten to rock. Paint the whole rock orange. Let dry, then remove tape pieces. Spray with sealant if you want to leave the rock outside. I used a polyurethane varnish spray! Materials Needed: rock, paintbrush, orange paint, painters tape, scissors, varnish spray


  1. You are two cute! I guess we need to get together sometime soon. If we are both talking about one another in our blogs, then we must be missing each other! Thanks for the sweet things you said!

  2. OH, PS... the rocks turned out wonderful!