Friday, October 1, 2010

Coloring a Scarecrow!

Addie's Scarecrow Ty's Scarecrow
The theme this week is Fall!
Project: Coloring a Scarecrow! There is nothing fancy or exciting about this project - just regular old coloring. We have been working on staying patient enough to complete a full coloring page. So, I decided to print off a scarecrow and have Ty (and Addie) do their best work. Of course, Ty is more patient and has a longer attention span than 2 year old Addie, but I think they both did a great job with their scarecrows! I also had Ty cut around his scarecrow and glue it to a half sheet of orange construction paper. He did a wonderful job!!
Materials Needed: scarecrow coloring page, crayons, glue stick, scissors, construction paper

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  1. Ty did a wonderful job!

    Speaking of which...if you want me to redesign your blog (soon or whenever) I will. I'm thinking about re-doing mine.