Monday, October 25, 2010

Button Spiders and Glitter Spider Web!

The theme this week is Halloween!
Project: Button Spiders and Glitter Spider Web! I was inspired by Addie's shirt today. She is wearing a hand-me-down Halloween shirt from her big brother Connor. The shirt has cute black button spiders sewed , so I decided to have Ty make button spiders. He glued buttons on white card stock and drew eight legs on each spider. Then he drew a line (web) from the top of the paper to each button. Next, I drew a spider web with white glue and Ty sprinkled purple glitter over the spider web. Finally, Ty added two more button spiders to the purple web! Materials Needed: black buttons, black marker, glue, glitter


  1. Very cute idea to use buttons. I like that you were inspired with what was around you... even if it was a hand me down shirt:)