Sunday, January 31, 2016

Winter Projects and Activities

Winter Projects and Activities
5 Little Snowmen

Coffee Creamer Snowmen

Winter Melted Crayons
Here is the link to my original post when my son and I made these for his Kindergarten class 5 years ago.  We have so much fun making these each and every year!

Snowman Footprint

Stained Glass Snowman
Here is the link for the Snowman Template

Cardinal Handprints

Plastic Lid Snowmen
Penguin Footprint
Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Learning Projects
Dress the Snowman Cut and Paste
Skills:  cutting, following directions
Here is the link for Dress the Snowman

My Mitten is Big Enough . . . 
Skills:  writing, drawing
Here is the link for My Mitten is Big Enough

Draw, Cut and Paste Your Own Snowman
Skills:  shape recognition, shape drawing, cutting

Learning Activities
Snowman Button Counting
Skills:  number recognition, counting
Here is the link for Snowman Button Counting

Winter Beginning Sounds
Skills:   beginning sounds
Here is the link for Winter Beginning Sounds

Snowman Letter Matching
Skills:  upper and lowercase letters, beginning sounds, matching
Here it he link for Snowman Letter Matching

Winter Hat Letter Matching
Skills:  upper and lowercase letter matching
Here is the link for Winter Hat Letter Matching

Winter Learning Pack for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Here is the link for all of the activities below that are included in this Learning Pack
Beginning sound Letter Matching
Skills:  beginning sounds, matching

 Winter Counting/Number Cut and Paste
Skills:  counting, number recognition, cutting

Penguin Number Order
Skills:  number recognition, counting, number order, cutting

Winter Patterns
Skills:  what comes next, cutting

Penguin Shape Matching
Skills:  shape matching, shape identification

Snowman Number/Counting Matching
Skills;  counting, number recognition, cutting, pasting


  1. Awe! Kyrstin. I love the hand cardinals. They are so cute! You are so dang good. Makes me want to have another baby and move back to Phillips :) ... no, I guess I wouldn't go that far, but you are dang good!

    1. Yes, move to PHillips! ;) All joking aside, thanks. It's a lot of fun finding new, interesting, and cute projects to do with my kiddos!