Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter and the letters U and J and K!

Easter Projects and Learning Activities 
& the letters J, U and K!
Easter Projects
Glitter Easter Eggs
Cover Styrofoam eggs with glue and then sprinkle with glitter. 

Fork Painted Chick
Press the tines of a fork into yellow paint and press onto white paper. When dry add features.  

Carrot Footprints

Egg Shaped Bunny

Craft Stick Chick

Handprint Easter Lilies

Easter Lacing Cards
Here is the link for these lacing cards

Easter Learning Activities
Easter Line Tracing and Bunny Match
Skills:  pre-writing, the same 
Here is the link for these 4 Easter early learning activities

Easter Egg Match and Find the Difference
Skills:  matching, different

Egg Numbers, and Which One is Different?
Skills:  numbers recognition, matching, different
Here is the link for these 4 Easter activities from Sparklingbuds

Easter Patterns
Skills:  patterns

Letter E Maze!
Skills:  letter E, letter recognition

Easter Scissor Practice
Skills:  cutting
Here is the link for this Easter Themed Scissor Practice

Jelly Bean Sorting
Skills:  colors, sorting, counting, most, least
Here is the link for the Jelly Bean Sort

Line Tracing and What Comes Next
Skills:  prewriting, what comes next
Here is the link for these 4 Easter activities seen below

Scissor Practice
Skills:  cutting

Alphabet Trace
Skills:  letters, tracing, writing

Find the Same Easter Object
Skills:  classifying, the same
Here is the link

Easter Patterns
Skills:  patterns
Here is the link for these Easter Patterns

The Letter J
J is for Jellyfish

j is for jellybean
The Letter U
U is for Unicorn

u is for umbrella

The Letter K
K is for Kangaroo

k is for kite

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