Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day and the letter Q!

St. Patrick's Day
and the letter Qq!
St. Patrick's Day Project
Painting with fork!  Mr. Leprechaun
Use a brown crayon to draw a face shape.  Use a black crayon to draw on a mouth and nose, use a pink crayon to make the rosy cheeks.  Press a fork into orange paint to make the beard and hair.  Add a construction paper hat and googly eyes!

Handprint Shamrock

Handprint rainbow and Pot of Gold

Suncatcher Shamrock

Crayon Resist Shamrock

St. Patrick's Day Learning Activities
Shamrock Letters
Skills:  letter recognition, letter writing
Here is the link for Shamrock Letters
St. Patrick's Day Counting
Skills:  counting, number recognition

Lucky Patterns
Skills:  patterns

Rainbow Rhyming
Skills:  rhyming

Counting Gold Coins
Skills:  counting, number recognition

St. Patrick's Day Graphing
Skills:  graphing, counting, more, less

The Letter Qq
Qq is for queen

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