Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Unit!

Winter Fun Unit!
Mitten Matching -
Math - Counting, one-to-one correspondence and number recognition
I found this free template from the wonderful site Maketaketeach   Addie loved playing this number/counting matching game!
Snowman Name!
Name Writing
We cut out enough "snowballs" to make a head for the snowman and the "name" body.  Addie glued on a hat, scarf, boots and arms.  She drew the eyes, nose and mouth.  She cut out bits of white paper to make the falling snow!
Winter Clothes Mobile
What belongs 
I posted this activity earlier in the month.  Here is the link to my earlier post about the
Snowman Letter Booklet
Writing uppercase and lowercase letters 
I created a word document and inserted a snowman from clipart and enlarged it to the size I wanted.  I printed multiple copies and Addie practiced writing some of her upper and lowercase letters.  Below is a sample of her G's and D's!
I cut out each "Letter Snowman" and glued it to construction paper and trimmed around the snowman to reinforce it.  Lastly, I punched a hole on the hat of each "Letter Snowman" and used a clasped ring to make a Snowman Letter Bookletfor Addie
Winter Fun Patterns
Patterns and cutting and pasting
I created a Word document and used clipart to find a snowflake, snowman sled and mittens for making patterns.  Addie cut out each item and made specific patterns!
Winter Wonderland Fill the Frame
5 and 10 Frame game
Counting, one to one correspondence
Addie placing the correct number of snowflakes on the mittens
Link to the Winter Wonderland Fill the Frame activity
In My Snowglobe
Winter art and writing activity
I saw this great activity on Kreative In Kinder
Snowflake Counting
Number recognition, counting, cutting and pasting
Addie cut out the numbers 1-10 and glued each number below a snowman.  Then she cut out the appropriate number of snowflakes and glued them above the each snowman.  I am going to make this into a number book for her!
Here is the link to this great Snowflake Math activity.
Hot Cocoa and Counting Marshmallows
name and number writing, counting
The template says
Hot cocoa in (insert name)'s cup,
she just wants to drink it up.
(insert name) puts (insert number) marshmallows in
and now the drinking can begin!
I created the rhyme and printed it.  Addie wrote her name in the appropriate places.  She rolled a dice and counted the dots.  Then she used a hole punch to punch out the correct number of marshmallows from a piece of white craft foam.  She glued the "marshmallows" in the mug. 
I drew the mug and cut out the mug and wavy line for the mug.  Addie glued the mug to the black paper and glued the "hot cocoa" to the mug.  She then glued the rhyme to the top and wrote in the appropriate number of marshmallows! 
Other Winter Crafts we did this month!
Click on the link to go to my blog post about each winter craft.

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