Monday, January 28, 2013

Penguin Learning Unit!

Penguin Counting activity - Numbers 1-4
Writing numbers, counting numbers, name writing
I cut out penguin shapes and Addie assembled each penguin and glued the penguins to the blue paper.  She then wrote the numbers 1-4 on the penguins.  Next she stuck snowflake stickers above the penguins.  Matching the correct number of snowflakes to the number on the penguin!  I typed out the poem - Snowflakes are falling all around.  ___________ (insert name) glued the penguins under the snowflakes before they hit the ground!
Penguin Addition and Word Problem!
This activity is so wonderful I found the idea and template from Erica Bohrer's Blog  Thank you Erica for the wonderful activity!!
Penguin Shapes! 
I saw this cute activity and had to do it with Addie.  Each day we made a different shape penguin.  She practiced her writing skills by writing the shape name on the bottom of the penguin. 
Upper and Lower Case Letter Matching and Recognition
To reinforce Addie's letter recognition I found this cute and simple penguin worksheet  I just printed off a few copies and wrote in upper and lower case letters on the penguin's bellies and on the fish.


  1. Penguins! They are so cute! I like the rectangle one. :)

  2. Tell Addie that Just Grandma thinks she did a wonderful job!!