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Valentines Day Unit!

Valentines Day Unit!
Candy Heart Count
Math - counting, writing numbers
I gave Addie a bowl of candy hearts.  She sorted and grouped the hearts by color.  Then she counted each group and wrote the appropriate number on the matching heart on the Candy Count mat.  Addie used a dry erase marker to write the numerals.  (I made the Candy Count  mat by cutting out colored paper hearts that match the candy hearts.  I glued the hearts to a piece of construction paper and laminated the mat. I laminated the mat so the activity can be done over and over!
Addie's finished mat.
Candy Heart Color Match
sorting and color identification
I gave Tana two of each color candy heart.  She then sorted the candy hearts by placing each candy heart on it's match on the heart mat! 
Candy Heart Explosion
Math - counting, writing numbers
I cut out 4 different colors of paper hearts.  I used  markers to draw the same color hearts on a piece of paper.  I wrote the numbers 1-9 on the top of the paper.  I then took all of the paper hearts and tossed them up in the air in the living room.  Addie had to gather and sort the hearts by color and count the color groups.  She glued the paper hearts to the paper according to their colors .She then wrote the correct numerals on the paper in the appropriate hearts. 
Box of Chocolates Counting
Math - counting, writing numbers,
cutting and pasting, name writing
I drew a heart on red construction paper.  Addie cut the heart out and glued it to a large piece of construction paper. She added a gold glitter outline to the inside of her heart!  She then picked a number card and read the number aloud.  (Her number was 10)  Next she counted out 10 pieces of chocolate (shapes cut out from brown construction paper).  Next, she picked another number card (4).  This number is the number of chocolates she ate.  She glued 4 chocolates on the outside of her box and the remaining chocolates in the heart.  She then filled in the form with the appropriate information!
Valentine Cookies On My Plate
Math - counting,  writing numbers
 Addie colored the girl to look like her.  Then she counted her different colored "cookie" hearts and glued the "cookies" to her plate.  She then filled in the form.  She is still a little to young for math equations, but it was great practice for writing her numbers and counting! 
Here is the link to the Valentine Cookie Math Activity
I See Hearts Looking At Me!
colors and counting
 I created this book myself.  The rhyme is . . .
Hearts, hearts 1, 2, 3.
I see (insert color) hearts looking at me.
For each page Addie and Tana attached 3 hearts for the corresponding color.
They used foam sticky hearts, glitter hearts and construction paper hearts.

Candy Kiss Find and Count!
Math - Counting, number recognition
I created a 2x5 table on the computer.  I then wrote the numbers 1-10 in the boxes.  I decorated it with hearts and the title - Candy Kiss Find and Count!
I took 10 chocolate kisses and put 1-10 dots on the bottoms of the kisses.  Connor hid the kisses in the family room.  Addie had to search for the chocolate kisses.  When she found a chocolate kiss she counted the dots and placed the kiss on the matching number on the Candy Kiss Find and Count sheet! 
Addie finding a chocolate kiss
Addie counting the dots on the bottom of the candy kiss
Placing a kiss on the correct number!
The candy kiss number grid
Valentine Penguin Matching Game
matching and sorting
We played this game as a family.  We each took turns picking cards and placing the cards on our game boards when we had a match.  The first person to fill their game board wins!
Here is the link to this fun penguin matching game
Addie finding a match!
Connor and Addie checking their game boards
Valentine Vowels
vowel sounds
A is for apple!
As a starting point -  we are just working on the beginning sounds of words!
Make, take & teach provided me with this great vowel sound activity!  I am really starting to work on vowel sounds with Addie.  This cute activity/template was a fun way to introduce and work on the different sounds!
Something I will love forever . . .
Writing, drawing
Cut a red heart from construction paper. 
Draw something you will love forever. 
Glue the heart on the writing template.
Write a sentence telling what you will love forever.
Here is the link for this wonderful Valentines writing template
ABC Hearts
Writing uppercase letters, ordering letters
Cut out 26 hearts from construction paper.  I did purple and pink hearts.
Write the alphabet on the hearts.
Glue the hearts to a strip of paper in ABC order.
Addie's letters A-G
Valentines Day Crafts
Heart Fairies!
Glue a large heart upside down for the skirt - We used a heart from a doily.
Attach a medium size heart for the body - above the large heart.
Attach two medium sized hearts on the sides for the wings.
Draw a head, facial features, hair, arms and legs!

Tree of Hearts
Trace hand and forearm on green construction paper.
Cut it out and glue to black or blue construction paper.
Glue on colored construction paper hearts!

Love Grows Here
Link to my older post about these cute heart flowers - Love Grows Here!

Glitter Love Bugs
Link to my older post giving directions on how to make these Glitter Love Bugs!
Classroom Teacher Valentine!
Connor and I made this valentine for his 2nd grade teacher.
I originally saw this valentine idea in the February 2007 issue of Family Fun Magazine.  Here is the link for the Kernels of Love Template
The popcorn that we taped on the back!


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